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« Our mission is to accompany our clients to improve the effectiveness and competence of their human resources »

Being conscious of the role that we can play in the development and performances improvement of the employees and executives of the private companies and the public corporations and administrations in Morocco, SEREC developed a training pole which intervenes for:

- setting up a training engineering which leads to an action plan;
- organising and leading various intra and inter-companies seminars.


- Identifying training needs;
- Training strategy;
- Development of training plans;
- Evaluation of training activities.


- Management;
- Communication and personal development;
- Purchase and logistics;
- Sales;
- Marketing;
- Secretariat;
- Business law;
- Procurement contracts;
- ...

To download our inter-companies training program, please click here.

For your intra-companies seminars, please contact us.

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