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« It allows you to seize the new opportunities and to minimize risks for your decision making. »

SEREC carries out and updates continuously many sectoral studies on the main activity sectors in Morocco. Each of these studies analyzes economic and commercial data, legal framework (judicial, fiscal, regulatory…..) and the national and international evolution of the studied sector. The supply (raw materials, structure and  environment of the sector, products and trademarks, imports of Morocco, evolution of the world imports by products and by country…….) and the domestic (national consumption) and foreign demand (exports) are studied under various aspects.

These studies are available by subscription. The annual subscription for each study includes the study report on paper support as well as online on www.serec.ma.

Thanks to the online subscription, the subscriber has a permanent access to these studies and receives their updates throughout his subscription period, which enables him to have a permanent eye on the activity sectors in which he is subscribed. 

Bellow is the list of SEREC sectoral studies. The summary and the subscription conditions are available for consultation by clicking on the title of the study which interests you.



Study on the main activity sectors in Morocco – on subscription

    S.1 : The Moroccan economy, dash board of decision makers
    S.2 : Chemical and Para chemical industries in Morocco
    S.3 : Metallurgical, mechanical and mining industries in Morocco
    S.4 : Textile industries in Morocco
    S.5 : Agribusiness sector in Morocco
    S.6 : Sea fishing, its auxiliaries and connate industries in Morocco
    S.7 : Automobile, parts and accessories sector in Morocco
    S.8 : Property development sector in Morocco
    S.9 : Building materials in Morocco
    S.10 : Wood sector and its connate industries in Morocco
    S.11 : Farm machinery and mechanization in Morocco
    S.12 : Leather sector and its connate industries in Morocco
    S.14 : Electric and electronic materials in Morocco
    S.15 : Medical and paramedical materials in Morocco
    S.17 : Procurement contracts and invitation to tender: law texts
    S.18 : Tourism industries in Morocco
    S.19 : Human food sector in Morocco
    S.20 : Animal feed sector in Morocco
    S.21 : Transport and logistics in Morocco
    S.22 : Clothing sector in Morocco
    S.23 : Building and civil engineering sector in Morocco
    S.24 : Moroccan agriculture: Structure, production, distribution
    S.25 : Packing and packaging sector in Morocco
    S.26: Building and public works equipment in Morocco
    S.27: Renewable energies and energy efficiency in Morocco
    S.28: Luxury sector in Morocco
    S.29: The economy of Senegal, Dashbord
    S.30: The Economy of Ivory Coast, Dashbord

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