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Partner of our clients’ development


SEREC is an independent research and consultancy institute created in 1976 in Casablanca.

We carry out market research, publish sector studies reports, advise and train decision-makers, managers and their employees on specific topics.

As a pioneer in market research, marketing studies and consulting in Morocco, SEREC aims to help decision-makers understand their market and make strategic decisions. It has become a reference for organizations wishing to understand, analyze and develop in their markets.

Our main asset is our unique experience of the market acquired over more than 40 years of market research practice, research and analysis of economic information, expertise and consulting.

Our team is made up of consultants specializing in Marketing, Econometrics, Management, Human Resources and Statistics and a network of experts involved in sector studies, consulting and training.

Driven by our vision of being "Partner of our clients’ development", we guarantee a high level of service, the respect of our commitments, a work process of high quality and an approach adapted to their own needs.


Put our expertise at the service of decision-makers for the understanding of their markets and their strategic decisions making.


To be partner of our client's development.


  • Respect of our commitments
  • High quality work process
  • Customized approach