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Quick and cost effective access to detailed market analysis and identification of new opportunities.

SEREC study reports

SEREC publishes multi-client study reports on the main sectors and markets in Morocco.

These reports are continuously updated and make it possible to appreciate the importance of a given sector, its stakes, its evolution prospects, its changes, its operators...

They are, for the decision-makers, real tools of decision-making since they allow them to apprehend the major stakes of the markets and to identify the changes in progress:

  • State of the sector
  • Evolution and size of the market
  • Structure and main actors / stakeholders in this market
  • Strategic issues and areas of development of the sector
  • Sectoral regulation

These reports are made by economic analysts. The information provided comes from official, reliable and objective sources as well as from field research with professionals, sector experts and industry actors.


Each of these studies analyzes economic, commercial and legal market data:
  • Global economic data of the sector
  • Macro and micro economic data of the sector in the country
  • Economic policies of the state
  • Investments in the sector
  • Structure and environment of the sector
  • The supply of the sector (production and imports)
  • The demand of the sector (national consumption and exports)
  • Main contractors
  • Products and brands of the market
  • International exchanges analysis
  • Evolution and forecasts of the sector
  • The regulatory framework of the sector