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Approaches that recognize your specificity and enlighten you on your market.

Specialized in market investigation, SEREC conducts customized B2B and B2C studies on behalf of its clients in Morocco and Africa.

At SEREC we carry out several types of market studies, from marketing mix surveys to strategic and economic studies: U&A uses and attitudes, satisfaction studies, image studies, positioning studies, tests ( product testing / concept / Packaging / Price, pre & post-advertising tests ...), opinion polls, Mystery shopping, observation, economic feasibility studies, customized sector studies ...

Market surveys:

The surveys conducted at SEREC can be of several types:
  • Qualitative studies: In depth interviews, Focus groups, mini groups ... with all target categories: SECs (ABCD) / B2B and B2C / with all types of profiles,
  • Quantitative studies: we conduct polls at regional, national and African levels.
  • We have the capacity to use several modes of data collection in covering fieldwork, depending on clients’ needs and fieldwork constraints: PAPI mode (Face to face and collection on paper), CAPI mode (Face to face and collection on tablets / Smartphones / PC), CATI mode (telephone interviews), CAWI (online studies) mode,
SEREC has the technical and human capabilities to carry out these surveys:
  • Team of field investigators and field supervisors
  • Specialists in market research with proven experience: Consultants, Researchers, statisticians, field officers, controllers ...
  • Room equipped with black mirrors and observation room (for focus groups)
  • Test Rooms (CLT / Central Location Test)
  • CAPI / CATI / CAWI data collection tools and equipment

Ad-hoc market surveys and sector studies:

For a project launching, a new business development, a new market penetration or in order to increase market shares, SEREC realizes specific market studies on a sector, industry, market or product.

These studies make it possible to evaluate the importance of a market, to know the actors and stakeholders, its evolution, its perspectives, to make estimates and to determine the opportunities and stakes.

For this purpose, SEREC develops customized methodology according to the client’s needs, establishes a rigorous investigation process for the search of information and solicits business experts and professionals for the realization of the survey.

SEREC provide expertise in order to understand the major issues facing the markets and to identify ongoing changes.

Areas of intervention:

Food industry, Furniture, Automotive, Chemistry and parachemistry, Distribution, Appliances, Energy, Finances, Hygiene / cosmetics, Real estate, Industry, Leisure, Publicity, Health / pharmaceutical products, Public sector, Tobacco, Telecommunications, Textile, Tourism …

Ethics and data protection:

SEREC is a member of ESOMAR (World Association of Marketing and Opinion Research Professionals). Therefore, SEREC adheres to the International ICC / ESOMAR Code of Market Studies, Social Studies and Opinion and Data Analytics (Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct).

SEREC also guarantees the compliance of its data processing with the law N° 09-08 relative to personal data protection in Morocco.